No, not OURS.

But we ARE headed to Calgary this weekend to meet our brand new nephew!

Should be a great weekend…

  • Numerous friends and family (too many to catch)
  • Some fun shopping (Ikea, M.E.C., and Pilgrim Books are our “must hit” spots)
  • A concert with Steve Bell and the Calgary Symphony Orchestra
  • A Riders/Stampeders game with my good friend Greg
  • And a road trip with my Love (Shannon, not Greg)

Now, THAT’S a way to spend Thanksgiving!

Catch you after the turkey’s been taken care of!

3 thoughts on “Baby

  1. Sounds fantastic. My weekend will involve, working, working some more, having a few minutes free time, going to church, working a lot more and thanksgiving dinner on Monday, and back to work Tuesday.

    So I envy your fun times a small portion. Have a great weekend J for the rest of us who are working. 🙂

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