I don’t.

There have been days when I’ve sat around wondering what I could do to receive more threats to my safety?  I recently stumbled upon the secret.

Don’t sign up with Facebook.

Yes, that’s right. I received a threat of bodily harm if I didn’t get a Facebook account.

A random web-surfer?  No.

An obsessed fan?  Not quite!

No, this threat (one of physical damage) was from one of my Facebook-psychot-i-fied friends, who must have been on the receiving end of a dozen or so “No, I won’t be your friend” emails or something.

With or without Facebook, some folks are just nuts.

2 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. I’ve made the facebook plunge and it is really handy to use to catch up with old friends that you don’t remember from school long time ago. The problem is that you can spend 24 hours a day catching up on ppl and such and still miss things. I myself limit my facebook time so that it won’t eat my entire day up. If/when you make the plunge (and I’m sure you’ll eventually break down and sign up (not that I’m pressuring you to sign up at all, I don’t care either way,) I would suggest limiting the “extras” on your page and only let it take a bare minimum of your time unless it is for important use such as getting ppl together for a reunion of some sort. That’s my $2.00 (inflation is such a pain.)

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