Tasting Forgivness

That’s the title of a song by the Robbie Seay Band, and it’s been on repeat for me this week.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…

The words are below…

Tasting Forgiveness

I’m pleading my innocence here
Exposing my arrogance all the while
Hoping that nobody sees
Especially You

I’ve yielded to all that has cost me
And thrown to the side what is free
And I’m lying if I say that I’ve figured it out

But maybe this time
The bread and the wine
Will be more than food on my lips

I’m tasting forgiveness
And drinking of mercy
I feast on redemption
Tasting forgiveness

1 thought on “Tasting Forgivness

  1. Awesome! And so appropo for Easter. I know many people don’t commune with the Lord weekly through the bread and cup like us cofcers do. But the fresh words of this songs express what I wonder is lost in a weekly ritualistic observance. The opportunity to taste real forgivenenss! Not just Matzos and Welch’s, but Grace and Divine Love. I pray people tste it this weekend.
    Thanks Jason

    from Scrawney

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