Toronto sports fans can finally lay the Leafs to rest for the year and cheer for a team that’s headed somewhere.  The Jays are in action, but it’s only game 5 of 1. 5 million, so they’re not headed anywhere FAST.  That makes the Raps the hottest ticket in town… and a great ticket it is!

In a gutsy win yesterday, the Raps beat the Bulls(#2 in the East) to pull a game closer to overtaking them in the standings.  A season-ending surge could push the Raps up as high as that #2 spot–who’d have seen that coming?!

Why do I love watching this team?  They’re feisty, there seems to be a different hero every night, they pass well, don’t collapse under pressure (like they did for the past few years), there’s a great spirit among the players (not a thug or whiner among them), and they play hard almost every time out.

People whine that the Eastern Conference is so weak that the Raptors’ success is minimized, but that weak East is the same one in which you find the Wade/Shaq Heat, Lebron’s Cavs, Jermaine’s Pacers, Arenas’ Wizards, Howard’s Magic, Pierce’s Celtics, Isaiah’s loaded but dysfunctional Knicks, and oh yes… Vince’s Nets… all in the dust of the Raptors.

So give the boys some credit.  This is a team worth cheering for!

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