March… Even Better than Usual

Yes, it’s the beginning of March Madness, the highlight of the true sports lover’s year! And yes, I’m pumped and ready to take it all in.

But this March is even better than usual, thanks to tickets that are in my possession. On Saturday, March 31, the dynamic duo of Bowser & Blue are doing a show in the Queen City. My lovely wife and I are grabbing a couple unsuspecting friends and taking in the show.

Bowser & Blue? Odds are decent that you don’t know them.

Here’s my introduction to them…

My friend Ian (yes, that’s Ian of the Muirhead variety) lent me a tape years back. He said it was his mom’s and that it was funny. After initial hesitation (because who listens to his mom’s stuff anyway), that tape didn’t come out of my stereo for weeks. And it gave me much pleasure.

Bowser & Blue… they’re like…

Old, Quebec-dwelling, guitar-wielding Rick Mercers. They’re big on political satire (they have NO sacred cows), Canadian culture (they have a song called “In the Key of Eh”), and anything else that can be presented in a way you’d have never thought of it.

Below is a video of one of their “earthier” classics. It’s entitled “Working Where the Sun Don’t Shine”. I’d say “Enjoy!”, but I fear a few of you won’t!

That’s okay.  You’re still welcome back another time.

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