Yesterday, I broke down. I’d put off shovelling the driveway for as long as possible, but it was time.

When we bought our house, we noticed the large driveway.  Thinking of hosting guests or parties, we were impressed, “You could probably fit six cars in there if you needed to!”

Ed Slywka, one of our movers on that moving day, was more perceptive.  “That’s a driveway made for a snow-blower”, he announced.  Chuckling nervously, I made plans to buy my first snow shovel.

Well, when the pad in the back yard gets added to the driveway, I’ve confirmed that Taylor Field hardly covers more space.

The point?  When it DOES snow, there’s a job waiting outside.  And yes, yesterday, I did it.

And today… you can’t even tell.

“Dear Santa, I realize this is a bit early, but I’m pledging to be very good indeed if you could drop a snow-blower by on your next trip.” 

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