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I just got out of my car, where I was listening to a fellow talk.  He was a columnist for a major American newspaper for twenty years, which suggests that he knows something about… something.

He was speaking about Islam, the “war on terror”, Jihad, and more.  In his critique of Islam, he stated that many of its principles and values are not conducive to much of what Western civilization is all about.

That re-sparked the thought I’ve often had…

How much of Western civilization is conducive to the message of Jesus?

How much of what we hold as “life as we know it” would not receive the time of day within a kingdom where Jesus reigned as Supreme King?

Add to that the reality that my life (or yours), as his follower, is to be a mini-kingdom in which he rules, and we just left “hypothetical” in the dust.

Thanks Radio Guy.

4 thoughts on “Radio Guy

  1. Ok, I admit, I was a touch too bleak/dramatic in my post, but you did get me thinking about stuff and at times its too easy to think about the bad rather then the good. Like my gf is here over Christmas.

  2. Like Gandhi said, “Western civilization…what a great idea!” I think the question needs to be conducive is the church with the message of Jesus? Are we in sync with the Spirit or merely keeping afloat within this civilization? Are we a mini kingdom advancing like an army or a reflection of the decadence around us? I am inclined to think that the church might be a little bit of both. Thanks for the thought provoking analysis Jason…

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