No, I’m not speaking of the one at the church building; I now have one at home.  Yes, that’s right… if you can consider an unpainted room with a beater of a computer on an old desk surrounded by boxes an office.  But it is OUR office, just down the hallway from OUR room, on the main floor of OUR house!

I’d hoped to blog nearly every day last week (I had topics in my head, oh yes, I did), but it was simply insanity.  In the midst of Lectureship at WCC, Thanksgiving, moving stuff, cleaning and painting a bit, living between two houses all week, and stuffing work into the cracks, I hit Thursday feeling like my ‘to do’ list was yet untouched.  Into panic mode for three days, Sunday morning came and was a special one, and Sunday afternoon came to a crashed nap in front of a football game along with my bro-in-law, dad-in-law, and a friend.

Today’s Monday, and it is definitely a day off.  Time for some ‘home errands’ and hopefully more painting before the week is half done.

Over and out.

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  1. I understand how that goes for you. I’ve had many a weekend where I have a list of things to do and the only thing that gets done is a shower, and sleep maybe. But I’m happy for you to have your own office in this up and comin times in your life right now.

    Its pretty miserable up here in toon town. It snowed today and because of the wind the roads were all icy. Fun fun winterland!

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