Football Post #2: Da Bears

I admit it.

I’m a bandwagon jumper when it comes to the Chicago Bears.

But who can blame me if you watch them play?!  They play football like their lives depend upon it.

You do almost anything with THAT kind of intensity, and people will take notice.  Not coincidentally, the Bears are a healthy 7-0 this season.

Part of their success is being attributed to a coach named Lovie Smith.  Yes, I said “Lovie”.  And there can be no doubting the toughness of a man who can climb to the top of professional football with that name on his birth certificate.  That’s the toughness he brings to the team as well.

You see, Lovie has a system.  It’s all about “loafs”.  Not “loaf” like “loaf of bread”; but “loaf” like “quit loafing around”.  Lovie demands that his defenders be controlled and refined and driven to the point that every ounce of their energy and action is about defending.  To that end, he watches (with his players) every play after the game.  Meticulous count is kept of each player’s “loafs”.

Any time you get knocked down and don’t immediately pop back up, that’s a loaf.

Any time you don’t all-out sprint to where a pass is coming down, that’s a loaf.

Any time you don’t hustle to help with a tackle even remotely near you, that’s a loaf.

Any time you don’t fully respond to what is obviously developing, that’s a loaf.

Did I mention the intensity that these guys play with?

I’ve been wondering if Jesus might not be more Lovie-like than we’d like to think.

I think of myself as kind of mellow.  “Laid back” is a compliment, in my mind.  But I’m wondering if I haven’t at times crossed a line.  “Laid back” to “loaf” is hardly a big jump.  But it’s a very dangerous one for a fellow who preaches week to week that God’s desire for the world is redemption and that His expectation upon His people is for their full participation alongside Him.

Care to watch some video with Lord Lovie?!

So I’m saluting a man named Lovie.  Not only does he coach awesome football to watch.  He’s called my life into question in a way that’s good.  He’s reminded me of a Lover that demands all-out commitment.  He’s drawn me back to a Lord who calls us to die.  He’s led me back to a Leader who doesn’t know the meaning of “loaf” and who came to give life to the full… and that’s a far cry from the life of a loaf.

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