Blog Sucking

Yes, that’s where I’ve been lately.  Honestly, I’ve had a lot of desire to blog lately.  Serious.  But it hasn’t been enough desire to sacrifice more pressing tasks for the sake of typing something on here.  But…

It’s Monday now.  And a quiet Monday at that.  My car’s in the shop, Shannon’s at her first day of work–I’m stuck in the office all day with only a handful of tasks that NEED attention today.

I declare today the day of the blog.

3 thoughts on “Blog Sucking

  1. Two life questions… what job did Shannon get? And by car you mean one that is white in color with Tempo on the back or have you upgraded to say a Topaz? (or was it the other way around I can’t remember)

  2. Shannon started today at the Blood Services clinic. Only part-time for now, but it was her #1 pick for workplace so this is good news!

    Car… that would still be the ’89 Topaz, mostly white with reddish specks breaking the monotany just enough. I just love that car! If someone offered me a straight up trade for their new 2006 vehicle, I wouldn’t even take it. Seriously. I’m not kidding. Try me. I dare ya!

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