Prepare Ye the Way

Yesterday was the start of our new sermon series at Glen Elm. For the next three weeks, we’re digging around in the phrase “Prepare the way for the Lord”. The lesson yesterday was aimed to be somewhat introductory; you know, a warm-up. But I’ve got to say that I love that sentence…

Prepare the way for the Lord.

It comes in Isaiah 40, one of the Bible’s best chapters, I’ve GOT to say. And it gets followed up by calls to fill in valleys, cut down mountains, and smooth out rough spots… all with one goal in mind: To make the coming of God as easy as possible. I just love the imagery of removing barriers, clearing the road, and making it as easy as possible for the King to reign.

I’m signing off before I type out my whole sermon. All this to say: It was a pleasure to prepare it and to share it.

Now on to week #2!

1 thought on “Prepare Ye the Way

  1. Amen Prepare the Way! The way is in You!

    Enoch walked with God ‘for 365 years’

    Enoch walked ‘with’ God For 365 years.

    Enoch ‘walked with’ GOD for three hundred and sixty five years.

    He was Pleasing to God. He was a pleasure to God. God was pleased with Enoch.

    Are we pleasing to God, does He find pleasure in being near us? Or is HE obligated, because we call on His name, and think we are His?

    Bear with this dummy thought for a moment okay? If God were God, would He like being around you? Would He find you pleasant to be with?

    He is God i only framed it that way for us to think . We strive over stupidity. and twist ourselves sore for nothing. He wants the pleasure of walking with us,
    But I have a feeling that we aren’t very pleasing to Him the way we carry on. He is Holy and Says to us to be Holy.

    Paul said that we need to work at always being pleasing to the Lord, When I checked my own Heart on this I found that I haven’t been pleasing to Him for an awful long time!

    Ugggh Help us Lord, please. shake the stuffing and the garbage out of us make us Holy! amen?

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