I read this over a year ago.  But I’ve been thinking it ever since, and I ran across it again today.

According to Donald Miller:

“If you believe something, passionately, people will follow you.  People hardly care what you believe, as long as you believe something.  If you are passionate about something, people will follow you because they think you know something they don’t, some clue to the meaning of the universe.  Passion is tricky, though, because it can point to nothing as easily as it points to something.”

Does that force anyone else to do some stock-taking?

  • How passionately do I live?
  • All the stuff I claim to believe… do I believe it deeply enough that it shows itself passionately to those who are touched by my life?
  • When others DO observe my passion showing itself, what does it point them towards?

Thanks Donald… for sticking your nose into the lives of many.

7 thoughts on “Passion

  1. I think sometimes even when we get to the point that we can view ourselves or our actions objectively for even an instant, we do see that, hey, I am passionate, but what do I devote it to? Am I dragging others down, leaving them where they were but with a smile on their face, or making lives better? Good question to pose. Check out my blog, , for plenty of non-smart humor about anything and everything,but I’m passionate about writing it.

  2. Wow.

    I have noted things about others when they were passionate about something and you get swept away with them on almost a rollercoaster ride of this passion and object thereof.

    I myself have struggled to be passionate about Christ in all I do and it is so difficult at times. I am passionate about a great many things, but too often it is something Earthly. Even my regular physical activity of Judo twice a week, I get passionate about, but my faith… I tend to be too busy, and that is a symptom of my less then needed level of passion.

  3. The Donald is great. I agree with him. In fact, I think passion was Hitler’s bread and butter.

    You say passion, I think of Hitler.

    Sorry about that.


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