Money-Ball Moments

I’ve got a window in my office. No, I’m not in a corner office on the 48th floor of a building downtown. But I do have a window in my office. And a chair that swivels.

Occasionally, I find my chair swivelling towards the window just to look out. Did you know that trees and grass and sky can make you think? I’m not kidding. It happened to me.

I got to thinking about some decisions that were needing to be made, some choices I need to make that will affect myself and my life. Then I got to thinking about other choices that will affect others besides myself. Most of these aren’t major, shake-the-world decisions. But they can feel like it.

That got me to thinking about the NBA. Logical, I know.

Remember those 3-point shootouts, where guys would launch about 25 shots to see who was best. Every 5th ball was worth two points instead of one… the money-ball! Every rack of balls, the tension would mount as the player got into a hot or cold groove as he neared the money-ball. But when the money-ball was picked up, the shooter would never do anything different than before. You’d think that with more on the line, he’d make some special preparations. But no. At most (if he had the time), he’d simply reset his feet, take a breath, and go through exactly the same motion as before.

As I stared out my window, I found myself wanting to be a money-ball shooter. I want to fire with confidence on decision-making because the truth is that life never really identifies the money-ball moments.  They don’t get marked like those Harlem Globetrotter-style balls used to.  They come in the steady stream of shots both big and small every day.  You likely know which decisons were the big ones AFTER they’re already made.  But that’s of little comfort unless…

I believe that God’s coached me on how to honour Him in big shots and small ones, and that I need just go through those rehearsed movements again and again, knowing that His guidance can be trusted. I’ll set my feet every so often again and re-align my elbow like He showed me, but I want to place my confidence in Him, in all that He’s already done, and all that He’s still teaching me.

Take that for what it is… what flew in through my window the other day.

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