Big Bucks

We just handed over the biggest cheque of our lives today.

Along with the signing of a lot of lawyer papers and the purchasing of fire insurance, we are now officially poised to take ownership of our new home on October 7… just in time to host Mick, Keith, and the rest of the stoned geriatrics.

8 thoughts on “Big Bucks

  1. The part I really loved yesterday at the lawyer is when we got the mortgage papers–the thing is like 50 pages long. You’re raced through the key details (and I DO trust our lawyer) and then asked for your signature on this paper that’s worth several years of your salary if you stop eating and several decades of your salary if you want to keep food.

    I hope we didn’t miss anything in those details!

  2. Can’t wait to come and see you guys in your new ‘space’ – being in Canada and being in your new home. we have yet to relate to signing away every penny for a home, cause we don’t have enough pennies to get a home. but just the thought of us scares us enough to not even look into it yet! have a great day, Senior Pastor Bandura!

  3. I was at the bank machine a couple days ago to get some cash when I nearly choked. A look at my statement confirmed that they DID indeed CASH that cheque. Oofta!

    Kraft Dinner time!

    But I WILL be eating in my own house in a week or so!

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