All is Well

Riders win! Riders win! Riders win!

And to the tune of 39-12… I like that tune. As I shouted my approval from the upper deck tonight with Blair to my left and my Dad to my right, I got to thinking: “I used to have some friends who were Bomber fans.” I’m not sure what happened to them. I suppose it’s that old idea that we were simply headed in different directions and inevitably grew apart. There’s those ideas about light not mixing with darkness too, I suppose. Anyway, I just thought I’d write to say that tonight was one of those nights when the universe just felt right; things were as they were intended to be. It was sweet to be a part of, and we can only hope that this balance will be upheld another week down the road.

I recently saw a T-shirt with Mr. T’s face on the front (remember him?) along with the caption: “I pity the fool!” That made me think of my old Bomber-fan friends too.

4 thoughts on “All is Well

  1. such a good game. tori and the rest of the guys i was with made it even funner than it was if it was just football. i think the bomber fans around us were equally unimpressed with the game as with our antics. better luck next time winnipeg.

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